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The LiBu Structure

LiBu is the referral marketing arm of the Omnis Benefit Administrators, a nationwide 501(c)(5) tax-exempt labor organization that administers a wide variety of employee welfare benefit plans and business services to its 10,000-strong members and their employers since 2006. LiBu's ERISA based programs are structured as a legally compliant ECE (Entity Claiming Exception) as per section 3(40)(A)(i) of ERISA. To the public, LiBu Reps (aka Member-Associates) offer only ONE product: A Membership into an Association of Member-Clients (employers, employees, self-employed and family units). DO NOT sell insurance products, but rather we promote to our already Member-Clients, ERISA benefit plans held in-trust and business services at prices below private insurers.

These benefit plans held in-trust are strictly regulated by the federal government’s Department of Labor (DOL) under the confines of its Employee Retirement Security Act (ERISA) regulations. Our benefit plans ultimately assist employees and their families, and are covered by ERISA’s provisions. LiBu derives its authority to offer such benefits in-trust and services from DOL as an ECE, and is structured with a federally chartered union file designation. In order to comply with such standards for participation, vesting, benefit accrual and funding, LiBu conducts itself under strict financial and regulatory strictures. LiBu is covered under our Errors and Omissions and liability insurance and under the ERISA bond umbrella.

Member-Clients may purchase under one Association of Employers within the legal and regulated confines described above, such benefit plans held in-trust and business services as: Health Care, Dental/Vision, Paid Sick Leave, Retirement Plans and others, meaning there is a Fund and Trust for every one of our benefit plans. LiBu backs each dollar in those Trusts with the purchase of ERISA bonds, and so each benefit in-trust complies with the federal standard. As a LiBu Member-Associate, what all this means to your clients is an opportunity to carry the legal and necessary benefit coverage they and their employees need, with benefits that are more robust and encompassing (as per ERISA) than the necessary benefit coverage, but at prices below the standard industry market price.

LiBu Representatives must be certified prior to promoting the Membership to the public. The process includes a 7 part tutorial and quiz certification, under LiBu University, or in the LiBu University App.

LiBu Member-Associates do not sell insurance products, but rather an exclusive Membership into LiBu. LiBu Member-Associates do not provide tax, legal, insurance or investment advice. On the contrary, LiBu Member-Associates encourage Member-Clients to seek advice from qualified advisors, and read and understand all enrollment materials carefully.

*$299 Membership Fee is for a limited time only during the prelaunch. Regular price is $499.

Refund Policy

LiBu offers a 30-day full refund policy on the membership and initial monthly LiVA fee. Simply return the LiBu Tablet to the address in the Company Overview page within 30 days of enrollment. If the Tablet is not in workable condition, the refund will be reduced by $100 fee.

Your Road To Greater Success Starts with LiBu!

• Join a community of entrepreneurs on the road to transforming their lives with real residual income.
• Build a part-time or full-time business just by sharing the LiBu products with friends, family and businesses.
• It’s easy to join —just contact the person who referred you to LiBu, and sign up today.